Somehow I managed to land a job at Microsoft…still not quiet sure how that happenned. Unfortunately it’s in a different state, which requires relocating my fiance and I.

Due to xmas, new years etc. it turns out this is a terrible time to try and do anything. This also means I’ve been able to do approximately 0 things in my personal time around anything technology, due to amount of things we’ve had to organize.

I currently have a few things on the go in this space:

  • CI/CD for GKE:
    • This site is running in a container in GKE. My current CI/CD revolves around running local powershell scripts to run,build and push the container.
    • This will be migrated into an Azure DevOps build/release pipeline.
  • Wifi hotspot review site (similar to yelp) which I had to do for uni, running PHP+mysql:
    • This is being lifted-and-shifted into docker, as is. Then:
    • “Modularizing” the deploy so it’s more suited for docker and auto-scaling (env. vars etc).
    • Trashing the PHP default session provider, and rolling my own secure client-side session.
    • Trashing typical user/pass/salt in a mysql table for a customized OIDC/OAuth2 authentication and authorization user flow using Azure B2C
  • Simple “utility” site, which I used to use my AWS VPS for:
    • dig UI
    • netcat UI
    • Some other things

Anyways, the shift of posts on here will no doubt change to a more technical “Proof of Concept / How-to” for most things Azure. In my spare time I’m still going to be doing as much in GKE as possible (where this blog is hosted), as well as focusing more on developing software and thinking about sound software design architecture.

Overall super excited and cannot wait. Just need some more time is all.