So you’ve gone through and configured SSO for storefront. However, you receiver still doesn the ol’ “Authentication method not supported” or you simply have no option for SSO.

Do this:

  • On your storefront servers, browse to c:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\<store>\Views\PnaConfig

  • Edit the config.aspx in there

  • Find the section for logon, and insert the SSON line like so:

  • Now login to you servers

  • Open network connections

  • Actually go into the part where you can see your NIC

  • Press ALT

  • Click advanced

  • Click bindings

  • Click the second tab, binding order

  • Move the “Citrix SSO” binding to the very top

  • Reboot

It’s that easy - just insert that single line and viola! You now have SSO.